How Does The Sentencing System In New York Work?

New York's sentencing system is complex. Depending on the crime, there are several different types of sentences that can be imposed — and some of those sentences carry a lot of prison time.

That's why it is important to have a strong advocate on your side who knows the system and how to protect your rights throughout the sentencing process.

Michael Spano is a Syracuse-based defense lawyer and former Onondaga prosecutor with in-depth knowledge of how the system works. Give his office a call to arrange a no-cost consultation about your unique circumstances. Mr. Spano serves clients throughout Central New York.

What Type Of Sentence Are You Facing?

A sentence is simply the order given by a court to impose consequences for a criminal conviction. In New York, such sentences can include:

  • Term of imprisonment
  • Term of probation
  • Conditional or unconditional discharge
  • Fines

For some offenses, statutes set mandatory minimum lengths for prison terms that must be served. This is very common with drug offenses in New York, under laws that go back to the Rockefeller administration in the 1960s.

For other offenses, however, judges often have a lot of discretion about whether to impose a prison sentence — and if so, for how long. This is called an indeterminate sentence.

As an experienced defense attorney, Michael Spano can make sure the judge has information about your background and history that may be helpful in mitigating your sentence. He can do this for both felony and misdemeanor charges.

Mr. Spano is also familiar with the federal sentencing system and can protect your rights there. Under that system, sentences are imposed using guidelines that strictly limit judge's discretion in individual cases.

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