Conspiracy: The Prosecutor's Friend

Conspiracy charges give prosecutors enormous leverage in "piling on" in federal drug cases. By asserting that two or more individuals worked together to carry out a crime, prosecutors can add significantly to the punishment meted out, and maximize the damage done by the evidence at hand.

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Many people charged with conspiracy are confused. They think it means plotting or scheming in a dark room to commit a crime. But a single phone call or email or cup of coffee with another may lead to conspiracy charges. A simple wiretap may uncover a single conversation that points to your involvement in a concerted effort to commit a crime. Or a member of your group may inform on you to authorities.

They are even more surprised when the prosecution labels them as "kingpins" in the conspiracy. If the government believes you acted as organizer, supervisor, financier or manager in a drug case, you may face enhanced penalties.

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Conspiracy is commonly used in drug crime charges. But charges of conspiracy can be added to any crime in which more than one person is involved:

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