Drug Manufacture/Cultivation

Manufacturing drugs or growing marijuana is a serious felony crime. If you are connected in any way to such an operation, you could be facing years in prison and forfeiture of assets. You need a lawyer who understands how to fight these charges.

Criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor Michael Spano has more than 20 years of experience on both sides of the law. He knows how the government builds its case. He will aggressively attack the evidence against you if you are accused of drug manufacturing.

Our firm accepts cases in Syracuse and Central New York, including federal drug charges. Contact us today to protect your rights and find out where you stand.

Drug Manufacture Or Cultivation

State and federal agencies have conducted numerous stings in upstate New York to bust up alleged meth labs and marijuana grow houses. These stings are commonly based on law enforcement surveillance or tips from citizens.

"I carefully examine what triggered the investigation and how police or federal agents conducted the raid or arrest. Was there probable cause for a search warrant? Were you read your rights? Did police find drugs or are they relying on scales, baggies, precursor chemicals and equipment as evidence of drug manufacturing?" — Michael Spano

Under the Combat Methamphetamine Epidemic Act (CMEA) of 2005, possessing pseudoephedrine (the active ingredient in cold and allergy medicines) can be grounds for charges of making meth. Investigators can also seize cash, firearms, equipment, vehicles or a home if those assets are connected to drug activity.

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The government has tremendous resources to investigate drug crimes. Attorney Michael Spano has the knowledge and experience to keep those officers, agents and prosecutors honest. He will help you seek to avoid a conviction and prison, and to prevent asset forfeiture.

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