Federal Detention Hearings And Pretrial Representation

In state courts, defendants usually have the option of posting bail-bond, and being released prior to trial. Federal court doesn't allow bail. You are either released from jail, without having to pay any money, or you will remain locked up until trial. This decision is made at federal detention hearings.

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Can You Get Released Before Trial?

It is critical to have capable representation on your side at the earliest possibility. You naturally want to be released, to not spend months behind bars. Not having a lawyer at all, or not having a lawyer who knows the pretrial ropes, is how accused persons languish in jail. It is easy to say the wrong thing and have it be held against you.

The detention hearing is your best chance for release prior to trial. Hearings usually occur within four days of your arraignment. If you are to be released, you must have a custodian present — a person who will keep an eye on you in the months ahead, and be responsible for your lawful conduct and appearance at trial. Custodians are usually family members or close friends or associates.

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