Making Sense Of Mandatory Minimum Sentencing Guidelines

You probably know that judges' hands are tied by a system of federal sentencing guidelines and mandatory minimum sentences. You know that these guidelines limit a judge's flexibility in determining whether a convicted person does time in prison.

With laws like this in place, it's especially important to get a strong defense attorney in your corner.

"Sentencing guidelines are a perfect example of how broken our justice system is, and how important it is to have quality counsel on your side. I hope you'll call me today and describe the charges against you." — Michael Spano

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Sentencing guidelines apply to drug crimes, some gun crimes, illegal pornography, murder, kidnapping, some immigration crimes and economic crimes such as fraud and racketeering. There is even an 1888 guideline for refusing to operate railroad or telegraph lines — six months imprisonment.

These guidelines were imposed on our courts by politicians wishing to appear tough on crime, with no thought to the consequences to the individual, the individual's family, or a criminal justice system overburdened by minor criminals serving lengthy sentences. They ruin lives, and they cost the public a fortune.

Because of the harshness of these guidelines, it is exceedingly important to work with a federal criminal attorney who can exploit the weaknesses in the prosecution's case and prevent the guidelines from applying to you.

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