Trusted Defense Against Sex-Offense Charges

If you have been accused of a sex crime, you need a criminal defense lawyer you can trust. You need a lawyer who will listen to your side of the story, a lawyer who will fight for you.

Just being charged has had an impact on your life. Maybe it has affected your family, your marriage or your job. If convicted, the consequences will be permanent and you could become a registered sex offender.

Michael Spano brings more than 20 years of criminal law experience to every sex crimes defense case he handles. He uses experience to resolve your case as quickly as possible, with as little publicity as possible, without sacrificing your rights or your future. Call his office today to talk about your specific challenges.


During Michael Spano's career, he served as chief assistant district attorney, handling the most serious criminal cases. Now, he uses that knowledge to build strong defense strategies to protect the rights of people like you.

He knows when to press for dismissal, when to negotiate, and he is not afraid to go to trial to fight for your freedom and your reputation.

Experience To Defend Against Sex-Offense Charges

Attorney Michael Spano has handled many sex crime cases, from those involving mistakes to those involving false allegations. He can handle cases involving accusations of professional misconduct such as teachers accused of taking advantage of students.

He represents clients accused of any type of sex crime in Syracuse and Central New York, including:

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