Strong Defense Lawyer For College Students

College is a rite of passage, opening up exciting opportunities for independence, achievement and enjoyment. But amid all the excitement, it's easy to get in trouble over things like underage drinking or assault charges.

My name is Michael Spano. I am a proven criminal defense attorney who has helped many college students and their parents resolve legal problems. Let me help you find ways to prevent a brush with the law from harming your bright future.

Call my office to discuss your specific situation. I serve clients throughout the Syracuse area.

What Charges Are You Facing?

I have 20-plus years of experience defending students effectively against all types of charges. This includes:

  • Alcohol-related offenses — If you are facing an underage drinking charge, or some other offense under New York law connected to alcohol, it's important to get a skilled lawyer on your side. I will act aggressively yet strategically on your behalf to protect your rights.
  • Sex crimes — Authorities are very sensitive to issues of sexual assault, and to actions that could be interpreted as sexting or some other inappropriate behavior. My role is to clear up the situation and be a strong advocate for you in seeking a favorable resolution.
  • Drug charges — Charges of possessing marijuana or other drugs have to be taken seriously. As your defense attorney, I will push back against the charges and fight to protect your future.

My legal practice also includes skilled defense against charges of theft, assault and other offenses that college or university students can face. My reputation for getting positive results is reflected in the many testimonials from satisfied clients I have received.

Note To Parents: Your son or daughter's future is at stake. From loss of financial aid to diminished job prospects - not to mention criminal consequences, it's all on the line. You need to take action now to help him or her through this serious situation.

Get The Help You Need

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