Fighting Gun Charges In Drug Prosecutions

If firearms are connected in any way to a felony drug crime, it can add years of prison time. And state and federal prosecutors will reach a long way to make the connection.

Criminal defense attorney Michael Spano knows how to challenge both the gun crime and the underlying drug crime. He serves clients in Syracuse and Central New York facing state or federal charges. Give him a call today to talk about your specific case.

"I have more than 20 years of experience in drug crime cases, including many years as an assistant district attorney in Onondaga County. I am familiar with drug enforcement investigations, and I understand how the D.A. or federal prosecutor thinks. I also have experience with weapon enhancements under federal sentencing guidelines." — Michael Spano

Drug Crimes Involving Guns

If you are convicted of the underlying drug charges, a judge can increase your prison sentence if a gun was involved. Even a box of ammunition or a hunting shotgun can be considered a weapon for these purposes.

The prosecution does not have to tie the firearm to a specific drug transaction. If the possession or trafficking charge sticks, they only have to prove that you were carrying a gun or that it was available — in your waistband, beneath the seat of your car, under your mattress inside the house.

Michael Spano's goal is to get gun crimes dismissed and focus on the drug charges. He challenges whether the search and seizure that led to the weapon was valid, and whether the firearm is realistically connected to any illegal drug activity.

He defends clients on all weapons charges, drug-related or not.

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