Experienced Defense For Drug Trafficking Charges

An arrest for drug trafficking usually follows a long investigation. But if law enforcement overstepped its authority or relied on bad information, it may be possible to escape conviction or reduce the impact.

"I am a criminal defense lawyer committed to protecting your rights if you are facing serious drug charges. My over 20 years of experience includes experience as a chief assistant district attorney in Onondaga County." — Michael Spano

Michael Spano has successfully defended clients in Syracuse and Central New York indicted on drug trafficking and conspiracy charges, including federal drug crime prosecutions. Give him a call today to discuss your legal options.

Sophisticated Representation For Major Drug Charges

Mr. Spano's background as a prosecutor allows him to deconstruct the government's case. He knows what questions to ask and how to examine evidence from many angles. He has had success challenging:

  • Legality of wiretaps
  • Conclusions drawn from surveillance measures
  • Credibility of informants
  • Conduct of undercover agents
  • Overly broad search warrants
  • Exceeding the parameters of search warrants
  • The client's role as major player in a drug conspiracy

"My priority is avoiding the lengthy prison term for a drug trafficking conviction. When prudent or necessary, I am ready to take your case to a jury to counter the allegations. I will exhaust all avenues to get the charges dismissed or evidence excluded." — Michael Spano

Legal Advice And Proven Defense Strategies

If you have been arrested or indicted, or suspect you are under investigation for drug trafficking, contact Michael Spano right away at 315-350-3975 (Syracuse) or contact him online.