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Federal criminal charges are usually much more serious than state charges. The potential sentences are more harsh. You need a lawyer who is experienced in federal court. Michael Spano represents clients charged in federal court throughout the Northern District of New York.

Federal Sentencing Guidelines

The sentencing guidelines that are advisory to federal court judges are a complicated set of rules that need to be thoroughly examined by an experienced federal crimes lawyer.

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The Initial Appearance And Federal Detention Hearings

A federal criminal matter is usually commenced by the filing of a felony complaint. The initial appearance is held soon after an arrest and a federal detention hearing is scheduled if the government seeks pretrial detention.

There are several arguments that can be made at the federal detention hearing in favor of release. In order to hold a federal defendant, the magistrate conducting the hearing must consider the nature and circumstances of the offense, the weight of the evidence, and the history and characteristics of the person charged with a federal crime.

The judge will then determine whether the accused is a danger to the community or a flight risk. The judge can set conditions of release such as drug testing or placing the accused under the supervision of the federal probation department.

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