What's Happening With Federal Drug Reform?

No one thinks federal drug law enforcement is fair. Prosecutors in federal cases have the upper hand, thanks to mandatory minimum sentencing. Most people charged with a federal drug crime opt to plead to a lesser offense, and milder punishment.

The problem with this is the court never gets a chance to see the evidence and evaluate the facts of the case. So people who may not have committed the crime end up pleading guilty and are filling our prisons. And the prosecution never has to prove its case.

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Federal Drug Sentencing Reform

Drug justice can be very unjust. Reform is urgently needed. Attorney Michael Spano's 20-plus years of experience defending people accused of drug trafficking and other offenses — mostly young, decent, normal people — have made him a voice in demanding reform.

If You've Been Charged With Possession, Distribution Or Trafficking ...

Until meaningful reform arrives, you must protect yourself and family members by working with the most experienced and most creative defense counsel you can find. In Onondaga County, that's defense attorney Michael Spano. Michael has saved hundreds of clients — average people like yourself — from the harsh excesses of today's drug laws.

We all need to pressure legislators to get to work repairing this broken system. In the meantime, you must dig in and fight to protect your freedom. Lives are wrecked every day by this injustice. Don't let yours be one of them.

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