Defense For Charges Of Soliciting Sex

If you were caught with a prostitute or propositioned an undercover cop for sex, you need the criminal charges to go away quickly and quietly.

Solicitation of prostitution is a misdemeanor sex crime. You probably won't go to jail, but a conviction could cost thousands of dollars. Your name would go in the paper, embarrassing you and your family.

To protect your rights and move forward, contact veteran Syracuse defense attorney Michael Spano. He offers a free initial consultation and serves clients throughout Central New York.

Experienced Representation For Prostitution And Solicitation Charges

Michael Spano has practiced in criminal law for over 20 years, as a prosecutor for several years and as a criminal defense lawyer since. He serves clients in Syracuse and Central New York.

He will work to get your prostitution arrest resolved as quickly as possible, with as few court appearances as possible. He will try to work out a favorable plea that keeps the conviction off your record and avoids registering as a sex offender.

"I have represented 'johns' arrested for solicitation of prostitution — on the street, at brothels or massage parlors, or over the Internet. Many times the prostitute turns out to be an undercover police officer. If the prostitute is a minor, you could be facing felony charges.

As your attorney, I will always examine the circumstances of your arrest and the strength of the evidence to determine if you should fight the charges or negotiate a deal." — Michael Spano

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