Aggressive Defense Against Embezzlement Charges

No one sets out to embezzle. It is an offense which can overtake individuals entrusted with access to funds. A financial problem asserts itself, such as a bill that must be paid. Or a dark compulsion causes you to loan yourself money, for the short term. Suddenly you find yourself charged with misappropriation of funds.

No matter at what level the offense occurred, and no matter where your case will be tried, you need a capable, experienced lawyer to protect your rights and minimize the pain of these charges.

Michael Spano is such a lawyer. Give him a call today for a no-cost consultation about your unique case. Based in Syracuse, he serves clients throughout Central New York.

What Is Your Most Effective Defense Strategy?

Embezzlement can occur at a very high level, as with a chief financial officer of an organization. It can occur at a middle level, as with filing false expenses accounts. Or it can occur in an everyday way such as swiping cash from a cash register. It is a crime that can be prosecuted at either the state or federal level. It is a serious crime, where conviction can mean prison time and the end of your career.

Embezzling and employee theft have always been serious crimes, but prosecutions today are more aggressive than ever because of the paper trail created by every transaction. Very often, money laundering charges accompany charges of embezzlement. Two common defense strategies include:

  • Proving through bank statements that you never had the money
  • Showing the likelihood that someone else took the money

"I will work with you to follow the strategy that best fits your situation. I may seek dismissal or a reduction in charges. We may offer a plan for restitution, allowing you to avoid prison time. We will do this together." — Michael Spano

It is very important to act quickly if you learn you are under investigation, or if you have just been charged. Every day we have to plan a solid defense that improves your chances.

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