Sophisticated Defense For Fraud Allegations

If you are accused of a scheme to defraud, you have probably been under investigation for some time. The government already has a case against you. You need sophisticated representation to challenge the charges.

Defense attorney Michael Spano understands that your freedom, your career, your future and your reputation are at stake. He has more than 20 years of experience and will help you fight the charges. Give him a call today for a no-cost consultation about your specific situation.

"I prosecuted felonies as an assistant district attorney for 10 years. I have also defended clients on fraud charges and white collar crimes in Syracuse and Central New York." — Michael Spano

Fraud And Related Charges

Michael Spano can provide a capable defense for any allegation:

Our firm represents building contractors, medical professionals and anyone accused of defrauding clients, insurance companies or the government. We have represented clients in major fraud investigations involving many alleged co-conspirators. We handle both state and federal charges.

"I know how to sift through the paper trail to plan your defense. As your lawyer, I can counsel you on cooperating with authorities to cut a deal or going to trial to fight a conviction." — Michael Spano

Call 315-350-3975 If You Are The Target Of A Fraud Investigation

If investigators are poking around, or you have already been arrested or indicted, call 315-350-3975 for a free consultation, or contact Michael Spano online.