Combating Charges Of Health Care Fraud

Some observers claim that medical insurance fraud is second only to illegal drug trafficking for the amount of criminal revenue it generates. For this reason, federal prosecutors are all over individuals in the health care industry whom they suspect of overcharging or deceptive actions.

The accused may be from any part of the industry: providers, patients and those who sell devices, equipment, or medicines to providers or patients. Everyone from hospital plans to ambulance companies is subject to investigation and indictment.

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What Type Of Activity Is Involved In The Charges You Face?

Criminal health care charges include a wide range of activities:

  • Health care and insurance fraud
  • Medicare and Medicaid fraud
  • Overbilling, double billing and false invoicing
  • Up-coding
  • Unbundling
  • Doctors offering illegal payments for patient referrals
  • Doctors taking liens to provide care for patients

In addition to these fraud charges, you may be charged with conspiracy, antitrust violations, false advertising, RICO violations and a host of white collar crimes.

Representing Clients Throughout Onondaga County

If you are under investigation for health care fraud, at either the state or federal level, you need experienced counsel and you need to "lawyer up" quickly, so you have time to mount an effective defense.

"Time is of the essence in defending against health care fraud cases. We need time to fashion a workable strategy, to seek dismissal or a reduction in charges. That's why I'm asking you to call me today." — Michael Spano

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