Caught In The Tax Crime Crackdown?

Federal prosecutors come down hard on individuals charged with tax evasion and tax fraud. The IRS maintains a special investigative unit dedicated to ferreting out criminal violations of the Internal Revenue Code.

If you face an investigation or have already been charged, it's important to respond proactively. Call Michael Spano in Syracuse day or night to reach an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Mr. Spano serves clients throughout Central New York.

IRS investigators know what they are doing. They examine your paper trail for evidence of:

  • Return preparer fraud
  • Tax evasion
  • Secret offshore accounts
  • Unfiled tax returns
  • Suspicious tax returns
  • General tax fraud
  • Employer tax fraud

Is Fudging On Taxes The American Way?

People sometimes say, "But everyone works their tax numbers to their advantage. That's the American way." And failure to file a 1040 is a simple misdemeanor. The problem becomes serious when there is a consistent pattern of failure to file over several years, or any pattern of behavior that shows determined intent to avoid paying taxes. When investigators can show this, you will face felony charges.

Along with tax crimes, prosecutors charge suspected violators with money laundering, wire and mail fraud, antitrust violations and violations of the Bank Secrecy Act. The result is often a significant period of incarceration in a federal prison.

A Syracuse Lawyer Who Knows Federal Tax Evasion Defense

When you go up against this level of investigative skill, you need defense counsel who is equally adept at analyzing financial evidence, and offering explanations that cast doubt on your guilt. You do not have to be innocent of wrongdoing to be acquitted. You merely have to show that the case against you is not strong.

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