Vigorous Defense Against Wire And Mail Fraud Charges

Mail and wire fraud charges are an all-purpose tool of federal prosecutors. They can be attached to charges of diverting public funds for your own use, deceptive loan scams and fraudulent donations. Federal prosecutors are pushing the envelope these days, going after mail and wire fraud cases that would not normally qualify as federal cases.

If prosecutors can show that your behavior involved the use of the mail or telephone, they add that charge to the main accusation. Since nearly every activity involves the use of the mail or phone, these charges add significantly to your defense attorney's task.

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A Different Kind Of Crime

You can even be convicted of wire or mail fraud when the underlying scheme was never completed. You can go to prison not for stealing but just for talking on the phone about stealing.

For this reason, it is smart to choose a lawyer who is versed in the case law that may have application to your case. Michael Spano is that kind of lawyer, studiously keeping up on legal precedents and aggressively shielding you from negative consequences.

Skillful White Collar Crime Defense For The Syracuse Area

Mail and wire fraud charges can arise in a wide variety of contexts. Mail and wire fraud prosecutions often involve diverting public funds for personal use, fraudulent loan schemes, and fraudulent donations and charities. Federal prosecutors have a reputation for involving the federal government in ever-increasing types of fraud cases, prosecutions which do not necessarily belong in federal court.

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