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3 tips for avoiding traffic stops

On Behalf of | May 30, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

Traffic stops are always inconvenient and frustrating. When the cops pull you over, you may end up with tickets or criminal charges. Fortunately, there are actions you can take to avoid being a police magnet.

Whether you are a little tipsy and do not want a drunk driving charge or you have marijuana in your car, having an encounter with the police is the last thing you want to experience. Here are some guidelines for staying unnoticeable to the police while driving.

1. Stay with the flow of traffic

Of course, not speeding at all is the best way to not attract attention from law enforcement. However, it is common to go five or 10 miles above the speed limit. If you do this, stay in the middle of the pack and follow other speeders so you do not stand out. If you are going significantly faster than every other car on the road, then you are more likely to get a traffic stop. If the cop suspects you are drunk or sees drugs in your car, a traffic stop may end with you in jail.

2. Keep the music down

You want to do whatever you can to avoid drawing attention to yourself. No matter how much you love rocking out to your favorite tracks in the car, you may want to keep the volume down. If your music is blaring so loud that people in other cars can hear it, a police officer may find that suspicious.

3. Maintain your vehicle

Driving a clean and properly working car is a good way to stay under the radar. If your vehicle is exceptionally dirty, dented or has a loud muffler, the cops may assume you are an irresponsible or suspicious driver. Get a tune-up and car wash regularly so you do not stick out to the cops.