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What are some common telemarketing fraud scams?

On Behalf of | Apr 3, 2021 | Criminal Defense, White Collar Crime |

Some people use telemarketing fraud to attempt to scam New York residents out of their money. Like most white-collar offenses, telemarketing fraud is a non-violent crime that uses deception to scam people out of their money or other assets. People who commit telemarketing fraud might have to pay fines or spend time in prison after their conviction.

What are some examples of telemarketing fraud?

Telemarketing fraud involves calling someone and offering a service or product in exchange for money. For example, the scammer might call someone and claim that they have an exciting new job opportunity. To apply for the job, the individual has to send the company some money. Of course, when the individual tries to follow up with the job, they find that the company has seemingly disappeared.

The scammer might also sell a fake product or tell the individual that they’ve won a free offer. Either way, the individual has to send the scammer money to claim this opportunity. The scammer might tell them to send money directly or give them their credit card number so they can pay for their purchase over the phone. They might even tell them to send a check through the mail.

If the individual questions the so-called telemarketer, the scammer might claim that they need to act quickly without asking for references. They might even give the individual a fake name, address, company name and phone number. If they sound convincing enough, the individual might let their guard down and send them money. By the time they realize that they’ve been scammed, it’s too late.

However, that doesn’t mean that scammers always get away with their crimes. Law enforcement arrests hundreds of people each year on suspicions of telemarketing fraud. If someone accuses you of telemarketing fraud, it’s time to hire a criminal defense attorney.

What are some possible defenses against fraud charges?

Some people accidentally commit fraud without realizing it. Others commit fraud on the orders of their manager or supervisor. An attorney might be able to convince the judge that the client didn’t know what they were doing at the time.