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How can a DWI affect your legal career

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2022 | DWI |

Getting a DWI in New York is not good for any kind of career. But it can be especially serious if you are a legal professional. Penalties for DUI are severe and can lead to jail time as well as fines. You may also be required to get treatment for alcohol or drug abuse. Finally, your license can be suspended from six months up to a full year.

A DWI can affect your professional standing

A DWI can stall your career as a lawyer. If you are still in the process of studying for the bar, it can put a huge question mark over your future in this sector. To be a lawyer, you need to have graduated from an accredited institution. You must also be able to pass the official New York state bar exam.

A lawyer must also prove that they are of good moral character. Your behavior, both public and private, as a lawyer will be held to a very high standard. Any breach of this standard, most certainly including getting a DWI, will count as a strike against you. It can definitely affect your ability to progress further in your legal career.

How you can recover from a DWI

A conviction for DWI, especially as a first offense, will not necessarily put a stop to your career. You may not automatically get your license revoked. However, it can cause you to be looked at with greater scrutiny when it comes time for your next review.

If this isn’t your first DWI or if you have a pattern of reckless behavior, you may be in trouble. Your standing as a legal student may be seriously compromised. If you cause an accident that results in serious injuries or fatalities, you may be expelled from the bar.

If this is only your first offense, you can take it as a learning experience. It can give you the motivation you need to slow down and take your choices more seriously. You can put it behind you and move on with your career in a more considered manner.