“You have a truly sharp legal mind and your courtroom presence is among the best. I am forever grateful for your two years of hard work, dedication and service to my father's case.” — R.C.

“I give Mr. Spano the highest possible recommendation. Mr. Spano helped me navigate a somewhat unorthodox legal matter, did so quickly, and always kept me informed.”

“Thanks for taking my case and getting me a not guilty verdict. You are a great lawyer. I could not asked for anything more. Please know you hold a special place in my family's heart.” — G.B.

“Many thanks for the very professional and gentlemanly way that you conducted yourself at the trial of my son. I along with all of my family were thrilled beyond words with the outcome.” — B.B.

“Thank you for assuring me that just because a good honest person makes a mistake does not mean they have to be treated like a criminal!” — D.S.

Proven Criminal Defense In Upstate New York

Proven Defense For Murder Or Manslaughter

If you are accused of causing a death — intentionally, in the heat of the moment or by negligence — you will need strong, experienced representation. Your future is on the line.

Michael Spano knows the stakes. He knows how to fight murder and manslaughter charges.

Give him a call today for a confidential discussion of your specific circumstances. He serves clients in the Syracuse area and the surrounding areas of Central New York.

What Charges Do You Face?

Michael Spano can capably defend against charges that include:

“My name is Michael Spano. I worked for 10 years in the Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office, where I prosecuted murder and manslaughter cases as chief of the homicide bureau. I know how law enforcement investigates these cases. I know how prosecutors decide what charges to bring.

“Between my prosecuting days and my private criminal defense practice, I have handled more than 60 homicide cases, including more than 20 murder cases that went to trial. I was the lead prosecutor in many high-profile murder cases.” — Michael Spano

Tearing Down The Government’s Case

There are many elements to a homicide investigation and many people involved. Michael Spano knows how to find the weaknesses in the D.A.’s case. Can they prove intent to kill? Was it self-defense? Is the physical evidence tainted? Are witnesses unreliable? Is the identification shaky? Did police overstep their bounds in the arrest, interrogation or search warrants?

Michael Spano looks at everything. Every fact. Every statement. Every defense.

He will aggressively seek to have the charges dismissed or unlawfully obtained evidence thrown out. If murder charges stick, he will explore pleas to reduce charges to criminally negligent homicide or manslaughter, or prepare to take your case to a jury.

Contact A Lawyer Immediately

You have rights if you are accused of a homicide. Call Michael Spano at 315-350-3975 or contact him online. We try to return calls and emails within a few hours.