“You have a truly sharp legal mind and your courtroom presence is among the best. I am forever grateful for your two years of hard work, dedication and service to my father's case.” — R.C.

“I give Mr. Spano the highest possible recommendation. Mr. Spano helped me navigate a somewhat unorthodox legal matter, did so quickly, and always kept me informed.”

“Thanks for taking my case and getting me a not guilty verdict. You are a great lawyer. I could not asked for anything more. Please know you hold a special place in my family's heart.” — G.B.

“Many thanks for the very professional and gentlemanly way that you conducted yourself at the trial of my son. I along with all of my family were thrilled beyond words with the outcome.” — B.B.

“Thank you for assuring me that just because a good honest person makes a mistake does not mean they have to be treated like a criminal!” — D.S.

Proven Criminal Defense In Upstate New York

White Collar Crimes Representation For Syracuse And Central New York

White collar crimes are often complex and serious. They involve a great deal of evidence, much of which is often technical in nature. In order to achieve success against these charges, an attorney cannot simply expect to fight through them, an attorney has to be able to think through them. Michael Spano is such an attorney, with the experience needed to craft a smart defense for any white collar crime.

With efficiency in mind, Attorney Spano explores every possible angle and follow every path that may lead to a positive outcome. He wants to get you through this with your career, and your life, intact. Furthermore, with years of experience including time as a prosecutor, he is able to answer your questions and guide you through this stressful time. Give him a call today at 315-350-3975 to discuss your specific situation, and see answers to some of our most frequently-asked questions below.

Are White Collar Crimes Automatically Felonies?

Not always. However, many white collar crimes are charged as federal offenses; many of them can be felonies depending on the seriousness of the charge.

What’s The Difference Between Larceny And Embezzlement?

While they are both a type of theft, there are a few things that make them different:

  • Larceny: Larceny is when someone steals property they don’t have access to or that wasn’t under their supervision. For example, a clothing retail employee steals a coat from the backroom.
  • Embezzlement: Embezzlement is when someone steals property they can access or supervise. For example, a manager puts cash from business earnings into the bank. Instead of putting all the money they made in the bank, they siphon off a fraction of the profits to keep for themselves.

It’s crucial to take both of these criminal accusations seriously. Contact us at 315-350-3975 if you face larceny or embezzlement charges.

Do You Need A Lawyer Even If You’re Innocent Of A White Collar Crime?

Yes, every person accused of a white collar crime needs an attorney. The criminal justice system can be complex and requires professional help to maneuver. A white collar criminal defense attorney can help you answer questions from government agencies, prosecutors and other authorities in a way that reduces the risk of further accusations. They can also help protect your rights if prosecutors try to leverage complex evidence against you to pursue a guilty plea.

Michael Spano Offers Smart Defense Against Any White Collar Crime Charges

Michael Spano can defend against any white collar crime charges in Syracuse and Central New York, on both the state and federal levels:

No matter how intense or how unique you believe your case to be, you can trust that we know to help you get the results you need and deserve.

Attorney Spano says, “I know how to build strong defense strategies in white collar crime cases because I know exactly what I am up against. My knowledge of the opposition comes from the decade I spent as a prosecutor with the District Attorney’s Office. In that position, I handled the most complex and serious cases; I learned what works and I learned what doesn’t work.”

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