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Proven Criminal Defense In Upstate New York

Defending Youthful Offenders

As young people enter their teen years or begin college, they experience exciting opportunities for independence, achievement and enjoyment. But amid all the excitement, it’s easy to get in trouble over things like underage drinking or assault charges.

If your child has been accused of a crime, you have the right to enlist the services of an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows how to handle youthful offender cases.

“I am Michael Spano. My more than 30 years of experience as a criminal lawyer means that I know the steps to take to protect your child’s future from the impact the criminal justice system can have on your child’s life.” – Michael Spano

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Defending Youthful Offenders Against Any Crimes

Michael Spano offers defense against any misdemeanor or felony charge for high school students, college students and university students who are charged as youthful offenders. His reputation for getting positive results is reflected in the many testimonials from satisfied clients he has received. His legal practice includes skilled defense against charges like:

  • Alcohol-related charges – Young people have their whole lives ahead of them, but that could be derailed by possession of alcohol or underage drinking charges. A skilled lawyer will act aggressively yet strategically on their behalf to protect their rights.
  • Theft – Young people who engage in shoplifting, employee theft or other forms of stealing could face serious penalties.
  • Drug charges – Charges of possessing marijuana or other drugs have to be taken seriously. As your defense attorney, I will push back against the charges and fight to protect your future.
  • Sex crimes – Authorities are very sensitive to issues of sexual assault and to actions that could be interpreted as sexting or some other inappropriate behavior. My role is to clear up the situation and be a strong advocate for you in seeking a favorable resolution.
  • Criminal mischief – Vandalism, property damage and other youthful misconduct that impacts another person’s property could have a long-term impact on a young person’s life and reputation.
  • Traffic offenses – Speeding, driving without a license, driving out of class and drunk driving can all lead to serious challenges for young people.

In addition to handling youthful offender cases, we also handle juvenile crime cases involving children aged 15 and under in family court.

Understanding The Answers To Common Questions About Youthful Offender Charges

If you or your child faces charges, you may face serious questions and wonder what the future brings. Below are answers to common questions about criminal charges and their impact on young people.

What counts as a youthful offender?

In Syracuse and central New York, people ages 16 and 17 are considered youthful offenders. Even though these offenders are minors, they still have to go through the same court system as adults who have been charged with crimes. Like adults, youthful offenders are subject to severe penalties if convicted.

How will a criminal conviction change a child’s life?

Your child has been accused of a crime. You know that your son’s or daughter’s future is at stake. From loss of financial aid to diminished job prospects – not to mention criminal consequences like fines, incarceration and a criminal record – it’s all on the line. You need to take action now to help him or her through this serious situation.

You may have other questions about how it will impact your child’s life. Will your child get expelled from school? Will it prevent your child from joining the military, from being accepted into a good college or from getting a good job?

It certainly could, but Michael Spano will work hard to see that your child’s future is protected.

What happens if you are under 21 and accused of drunk driving?

It is important to note that there are enhanced penalties for your driver’s license if you are charged with DWI and are under 21. Your license will be suspended for a year, even if you are only charged with the lesser offense of noncriminal DWAI, which is a common juvenile crime.

Charges involving underage consumption of alcohol can also have consequences far beyond a driver’s license suspension, including fines, points on your record and increased insurance rates. For instance, some colleges will suspend a student if he or she is charged or convicted of DWI or being a minor in possession of alcohol. You may have to appear before the juvenile board and face having to move out of your dorm if there is a finding to suspend you from attending classes and participating in other activities on campus.

Additionally, having a criminal record that has to be disclosed to a university or after you graduate on job applications can have long-term consequences and deprive you of many types of opportunities. A DWI criminal conviction can also never be expunged, which underscores the importance of having competent counsel on your side who will fight aggressively on your behalf.

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