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Potential defenses in embezzlement cases

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2020 | White Collar Crime |

Your career was not supposed to end this way. As a longtime bookkeeper for a nonprofit, your job was filled with responsibilities and tasks such as overseeing some of your organization’s financial accounts. You had your fingers on the nonprofit’s financial pulse, and you enjoyed many aspects of your role. Your supervisors trusted you.

However, outside pressures and temptations overcame you, and now you find yourself accused of embezzlement. Faced with financial difficulties, a gambling addiction and the need to provide generous gifts to your family and friends steered you into a maze of uncertainty. With your life at a crossroads, you now face major legal challenges.

Duress and insufficient evidence

An embezzlement conviction will put your life in disarray. You face incarceration, probation, restitution and a potential civil lawsuit. You may have a difficult time finding another job, and family and friends may shun you.

You cannot fight these charges alone, and this is where an experienced criminal defense attorney can help. Here are some common defense arguments in embezzlement cases:

  • Lack of evidence: The prosecution needs thorough and sufficient evidence in obtaining a conviction.
  • Good faith matters: If you believed the money was taken in good faith and for legitimate business purposes.
  • Duress: Perhaps outside threats and violence from others forced you into committing embezzlement.

Regardless, to get you through this predicament, you need counseling from a skilled criminal defense attorney. With a legal advocate on your side, the chances are greater in getting these charges reduced or dismissed.